Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hispanic Heritage Month Book Giveaway

For Bronx Latino Readers

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct 15), Bronx Latino is joining forces with Hachette Book Group USA. Hachette has rounded up a collection of its best books that celebrate Hispanic Americans to offer exclusively online to their favorite bloggers and websites to host a free Hispanic Heritage Book Giveaway.

Bronx Latino is one of those blogs. Bronx Latino will select 1-5 winners from the US and Canada only. Each winner will receive one copy of ALL 8 books! Bronx Latino will select the winners and Hachette will mail the books at no cost to you.

First come, first serve. Please don't request if you have no interest in receiving the books.

E-mail your name and mailing address to Please remember to send me your full mailing address (no PO Boxes), so Hachette can mail your books if you win.

Good luck.


Clarisel said...

Congratulations to the winners who entered the giveaway from Hachette.

Sorry, there are no more giveaways.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month.

frav said...

Hi Clarisel,
I was one of the lucky winners who enter The Hispanic Heritage Month Giveaway and I am So "HAPPY" I did.
Anyway today I get a ring and knock on my door and it was the UPS man. I was expecting a delivery of one box but when he handed me a second box I was surprise and couldn't stop wondering who the box was from. After I signed his pad I rushed inside to open the box that I wasn't expecting and when I did I was so excited to see 7 beautiful new books from Hachette Book. I know I will enjoy reading and sharing these books with my son and daughter.
Thank You,

Clarisel said...

Thanks for your comment and for visiting the Bronx Latino blog.

Happy reading. I'm pleased that you are planning to share them with your son and daughter. That's great.

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